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One-on-One Custom Lessons

If you have a specific skill you’d like to learn I offer one-on-one lessons (and parent/child or sibling team lessons) on many aspects of martial arts and self-defense. From weapons manipulations (bo-staff, nunchaku, and sword), to beginning tricking skills, rolling and falling, stage fighting, board breaking, and more, we can build lesson plans that target your personal goals.

If you have special considerations that make joining a group class difficult, private lessons may also be a great way to get started.





Self-Defense Seminars and Curriculum

I develop and teach self-defense curricula for establishments such as Reed College. These courses focus on practical physical movements as well the psychology of defense: How can understanding violence help you recognize, avoid, or creatively de-escalate potentially dangerous situations? How can understanding the body’s response to adrenaline help you navigate fight-or-flight reactions? How can cultivating healthy boundary-setting habits on a day-to-day basis improve your ability to defend yourself?

I also teach FAST Self Defense seminars through Aim High Martial Arts. FAST is a methodology that uses adrenal stress training and padded suits which allow participants to practice self-defense strikes on an attacker at full force. FAST training helps participants mitigate the harmful effects of an adrenaline rush and harness the strength and speed provided by the same chemical reaction. We host workshops right at home in the Aim High facility, for local Portland businesses and not-for-profits, and have even traveled out-of-state to other martial arts schools to share this valuable experience.

Please contact me directly for inquiries about teaching a seminar or ongoing curriculum for your organization:




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Shadow Tender Group Workshops

As a collaborator on the Shadow Tender project, I co-teach workshops that seek to provide communities with tools for communicating with and learning from the concept of the Jungian Shadow. These workshops stage encounters with personal Shadows through the medium of the mask, and use guided movement to facilitate constructive dialogue about the monstrous inside of us all, as well as addressing questions of identity, personal bias, and communication. Often playful and surprisingly tender, we employ a process of simultaneous discovery and creation. We hope to look beyond the ego’s defenses to cultivate awareness, compassion, and curiosity. We ask: Who is the monster, here? How do we create the monstrous? How does it create us? What lies beyond the fear?






Family Classes at Aim High Academy of Martial Arts

I am the chief instructor of the Tang Soo Do Program at Aim High Martial Arts. Tang Soo Do is a traditional Korean martial art that offers its practitioners opportunities to strengthen their health and character alongside their physical skills. In addition to physical fitness and self-defense, martial arts is a fun and challenging way to foster confidence, discipline, and focus at any age. Students cultivate leadership skills and have the opportunity to become internationally certified black belt instructors themselves as they learn terminology and history while developing their bodies with strength and flexibility challenges. Family classes for ages 8 and up provide a dynamic and welcoming environment whether you are just starting out, or coming to Aim High with previous experience. As a member of the World Tang Soo Do Association, you can pursue your training from white belt to 3rd degree black belt and beyond, as well as attend national and international tournaments and training clinics.