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Do you need a fighter?  Do you need a demon?  Do you need a demon fighter?

I have over a decade of experience choreographing and performing fight choreography for film and live performances, and I love working with weapons like the bo-staff, sword, or nunchaku. I am one of the few female trickers active in Portland. I also co-founded a dance project whose core theme is “dancing with your demons” and have provided creature movement for video projects in Portland and Seattle. These passions have never yet overlapped entirely, but I love how the skill-sets inform and strengthen each other:

Because of my experience with Butoh, physical theater, and contact improv, I am adept at non-verbal storytelling, viscerally embodying emotions and images, and reading and reacting to my movement partners. An eclectic martial arts background rooted in traditional Korean martial arts but with exposure to Aikido, Jiu Jitsu, and MMA means I bring a strong technical skillset and a multidimensional understanding of force and conflict to any physical narrative.

I’m happy just to fight, just to dance, or just to “creature,” but these skills sure have intersected in some interesting ways in the past: I’ve embodied a weapons-wielding Wrath character for a circus cabaret, taught a chorus of dancers how to hit things so they could better portray rage, and portrayed a carnivorous forest spirit who ensnared its victims through dance, just to name a few…

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