— Kameron Gates

Maria brings a grace and power to her work that I have rarely seen. She is an exceptional creature performer and was wonderful to collaborate with. I hope to work with her again soon!

—  Joshua Kohl, Degenerate Art Ensamble

Maria took on a dynamic and demanding physical role in our film project Skeleton Flower and not only brought the characters to life, but added her own layer of detail, humor and virtuosity. She was a pure joy to work with and we look forward to more in the future.



— Lex Damis

I hired Maria Thomas as a stunt performer for a live corporate show. I hadn't worked with Maria prior to this and was a little worried because I really needed a solid performer who could handle the added pressure that a live show requires as there is only ONE chance to get it right. I'm happy to say that Maria was creative and precise and adapted well to a number of changes as we worked through our choreography and rehearsals. Maria exuded an infectious, happy energy that made the entire process fun from start to finish. And most importantly, when it came time to perform on the night of the show, she knocked it out of the park!!!