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In addition to filmed projects, I am also interested in collaborating on live performances. Below are a few of my favorite ongoing and past projects.


Shadow Tender

I am a performer and movement consultant for Shadow Tender, which is both a performance project and a teaching methodology. Shadow Tender explores ways in which we construct, project, and transmute the monstrous within ourselves and society. Inspired by the concept of the Jungian Shadow, we use masks, wearable sculpture, and technology to externalize personal shadows—aspects of ourselves that we often fear and repress—in order to foster dialogue and integration. Shadow Tender draws on research across diverse fields (from medieval alchemy to contemporary neuroscience) as well as a wide range of movement disciplines including ballet, butoh, modern dance, and martial arts, among others. We aim to create psychological containers within which the audience may encounter their own Shadows with compassion, curiosity, and grace.

Shadow Tender is our response (as artists, dancers, fighters, immigrants, scientists) to the growing trend of dehumanization and demonization that we see unfolding in numerous spheres of our lives.


I portrayed Wrath in an original contemporary circus show exploring the seven deadly sins, alongside an interdisciplinary cast of dancers, aerialists, jugglers, and contortionists. Integrating a foundation in contemporary circus with a choreographic lens inspired by the work of Bob Fosse,  s7nners was directed by Alicia Cutaia (BodyVox) and Russ Stark (Cirque du Soleil). s7nners was part of the 2016 Portland Fertile Ground Festival, and premiered in a collaborative production with Echo Theater Company and Tempos Circus.


I was a performer (and a collaborator on the costume design and construction) for Rusalki, which was a collaborative performance piece that explored the psychological transformation of space through movement. It drew on elements of ritual, butoh, ballet, contact improvisation, and aerial arts. The piece was inspired by the Eastern European faerie tale of women who died before their time and became water spirits who lured the unwary to join them in their eternal dance of longing, trapped between this realm and the next.

Over the course of two years, Rusalki was performed at festivals throughout the west coast of the US, from Arizona to Oregon. The costume designs were featured at the 2013 World Stage Design festival in Cardiff, where they were shortlisted among the top three in the Costume Design category.


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