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Maria is multidisciplinary performer, stunt woman, and martial arts instructor, based in Portland, Oregon.

My passion for martial arts and a lifetime of asthma + a chronically ill childhood have fueled a fascination with the way we use our bodies to communicate, navigate, and integrate with our surroundings. I've been doing martial arts for the past 19+ years of my life: training, teaching, choreographing, and performing. In 2009, at the end of majoring as an illustrator, I accidentally co-founded a dance collective and discovered the joy of telling stories through physical performance.

All these experiences have resulted in a pretty unique cross-section: I am a small woman with an understanding of both the psychology and physics of self defense. I also love the dichotomy of theatrical violence: the most convincing fights are also the most dependent on non-verbal communication and cooperation. Falling into dance through Butoh (and a fascination for exploring growth, decay, and transformation using creatures and characters from folklore and mythology) has led to the ability to viscerally embody images upon direction, as well as a strong grasp of improvisation.

I’m excited to lend my skills—especially through fight choreography and creature movement—to storytelling projects in film, photo, and live performance, and I bring quite a few tools to the table: I have performed internationally and throughout the west coast of the US in dance pieces that have since gained international acclaim. I am a martial arts instructor with a 3rd degree black belt and nearly 2 decades of training in Tang Soo Do, as well as exposure to Aikido, Jiu Jitsu, Capoeria, and MMA, and have experience with weapons manipulation. I have been performing stage-combat-style martial arts for over 16 years and have choreographed and performed in internationally award-winning martial arts demonstrations. I am one of the few female trickers (the gymnastics version of martial arts) active in the Portland area. Instructing all ages (and a variety of developmental abilities) in martial arts and self defense for over 15 years has lent me excellent communication and interpersonal skills. I also hold a BFA in Visual Communication from the University of Arizona.

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